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اینجا می‌توانید منابعی که در جهت تامین محتوی خبری و تخصصی پویانما از آنها استفاده شده است را مشاهده کنید. بدیهی است که این لیست همچنان در حال تکمیل است و فقط عناوینی اندک معرفی شده‌اند.


    • Digital Character Animation 2 Vol. 1 – Essential Techniques
    • Digital Character Animation 2 – Vol 2. – Advanced Techniques
    • Digital Lighting & Rendering, Second Edition
    • Digital Character Design and Painting
    • Writing for Animation, Comics and Games
    • Focal Press  Character  Animation In 3D
    • Ideas for the Animated Short Finding and Building Stories 2008
    • Timing for Animation
    • The Secret of Pixar Storytelling
    • Essential CG Lighting Techniques
    • Richard Williams The Animator’s Survival Kit
    • Directing the Story – Professional Storytelling
    • The illusion of life
    • (IRM Press) 3D Modeling & Animation
    • Digital Compositing for Film and Video Third edition
    • Focal.Press.Compositing.Visual.Effects.Essentials.for.the.Aspiring.Artist.TeamLRN.ebook
    • GFX-Design.Basics.7th.Edition_2
    • The Visual Effects Arsenal
    • Directing the Story [DrinkyCrow]
    • Idea for the animated short
    • Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games
    • Focal.Press.Essential.CG.Lighting.Techniques.with.3ds.Max.3rd.Edition[2008]
    • 3D_Lighting_History__Concepts__and_Techniques
    • Morgan Kaufmann – Texturing and Modeling. A Procedural Approach (3rd ed) (2003)
    • Thinking Animation Bridging – The Gap Between 2D and CG

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